Thermosetting- this material is obtained by combining urea resins and pulp of special quality making the production of a great variety of toilet seats with several characteristics. The main advantages are: Surface bright Non-flammable Absence of odor Resistance to chemicals Scratch resistance Easy-cleaning Easy in the development of any type of design. These and other features make this product higly relevant and innovative in the sanitary industry.
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Floor pallets

PRIMANO produces floor pallets for shower tray in phenolic compact and plywood. The floor pallets are finished in plywood with aplication of stain and polyurethane resins of high quality. We use timber originated from the forests of northern Europe. The floor pallets in compact phenolic, are made of a synthetic material, anti-bacterial, non-absorbent of water or detergents, unbreakable and moisture resistant. All the models can be produced according to customer needs and / or custom models requirements.
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The use of renwable energy, including solar energy, is the best option to protect the environment, and that´s why Primano Ltd, is proud to spread a culture of energy efficiency through the use of new technologies, contributing to the reduction of energy bill and the fulfillment of national goals as to the limits stipulated by the Kyoto Protocol.
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New Machine

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